About Us

Now In our 12th year of operation (2020) Greg began Natural Encounters Walks on the Queen Charlotte Track in 2008 originally just doing guided walks. A couple of years later we introduced our unguided packages. We then found that due to the demand with our unguided packages Greg had to step back from the guiding and spend more time in the office. Fortunately we have some excellent guides that just love the job that they do and sharing it with visitors to our region.

Our freedom, unguided packages are ideal for those that just want to walk the track without the extra expense's of a guide.

From our experience, having completed multi day walks in various locations of different styles around the world we feel that the packages that we have designed are exactly the type of thing that we would like to have included when we go on a walking holiday.

It's not easy sometimes in a different country or location to figure out how it all works ie, what accommodation is best, logistics involved in getting from point A to point B plus getting the right advice from the locals. This is why our variety of affordable packages makes life easy for you. Nothing to worry about or arrange as that has been taken care of by us.