Questions About The Track

What months are you open?
We are open all year round however only our four day classic package is available from May to


How fit do I need to be?
Although you do not carry your overnight luggage as it is transported by water taxi each day a
reasonable level of fitness is required to walk the full length of the Queen Charlotte Track. The
maximum amount of walking on the longest day which is 23km's, Punga Cove/Mahana Lodge to
Portage Bay/Torea Bay is 7-8 hours. This day also involves walking to the highest point on the
track which is 424 meters, 140 feet. Don't forget that you have the
option of taking a water taxi
(extra cost)
from lodge to lodge if you feel like a rest at any time during the walk.

What are the track conditions like?
The Queen Charlotte Track is very well maintained throughout the 70km's. The majority of the
streams are bridged and the track has a wide even camber however it is recommended that
walkers wear strong stout footwear suitable for walking in such as well broken in hiking shoes.

When is the best time of year to walk the track?
Any time of year is a good time to walk the track as each season has its good and bad points
throughout the country.
Summer is warm and sunny with little rain but as this is the busiest time of year in terms of visitor
numbers to New Zealand there are a lot more people around than other seasons.
Autumn is still quite warm during the day and during the night however expect some rain during
this time.
Spring can be a little windy and can rain quite heavily at times (normally in short sharp bursts) yet
the native flowers such as the Rata and Clematis are in full bloom at this time of year along with
the native orchids.

Winter in Marlborough has more dryer days than wet. Although shorter daylight hours a lot of the time it

can be clear and sunny.

How much luggage can I bring?
The lodge managers along with the water taxi company request that you limit your overnight
luggage to one suitcase/bag per person with a maximum of 15kg's per item.
If you have over this amount you can easily arrange with your accommodation in Picton to have
them store it for you and collect it on your return after the walk.

What is the single supplement?
The single supplement is an additional cost for those wishing to have their own rooms at the
lodges ie one person per room. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.